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Assalamu Alaykum,

To submit your advert to the weekly newsletter is $10 (AUS) per week*
A maximum of two external URL links can be added to your Ad.
An image/business card image can be added.

To add a photo such as a copy of your business card to your Ad, please send in an email to info@muslimdirectory.com.au. If you do not have a custom photo available, we can help you select one using stock photos.

You will have final approval of any stock photo placed in your Ad.

All Ads must be prepaid by Wedensday for Friday Ad. Payment accepted is by Paypal and Bank Transfer.
Your ad will run in the weekly newsletter on a Friday morning(AEST).

Your weekly ad text


* Free every week, when on the Premium Listing Package
* One Free ad per quarter, when on the Featured Listing Package