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Advertisers - FAQ

How do I pay?
There are 2 methods of payment:

  • Direct Bank Transfer as per invoice 
  • Paypal - secure payment gateway

How do I cancel ?
You can cancel your listing at anytime, by sending an email to info@muslimdirectory.com.au

How long am I locked in for?
There is no on-going contract, pay for a listing annually and this listing will be promoted during that period, Insha-Allah. 

Why Muslim Directory Australia
This directory is exclusively for Australian Businesses, Serivces and Organisations to help the Muslim community. 
Listings appear in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, so your listing will be found easier or searched for when someone lands on this website.
Paid listings receive free ad in print edition

Can I edit my listing?
Yes, you can update your listing anytime, when you login. 

How do I receive a login?
Only paid listing owners receive a login. Receive this when you purchase a listing, you then change your password after first login.

How do I add my business/service listing?
Please go to http://www.muslimdirectory.com.au/directory/submit.php

Why do you add the listing manually?
We were receiving too many spam listings with the automated online forms, since changing our format to manual submissions of the listings, we receiving genuine and Australian based listings, Alhamdulilah.